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Latest Headlines
4/3/2014 ACA Deductible Provision Repealed! - Read More.
3/27/2014 PCOR Fee Reminder Notice - Read More.
12/6/2013 Excepted vs. Non-Excepted Health FSAs: An Important Review of IRS Notice 2013-54 - Read More.
10/31/2013 Great News for Health FSAs: IRS Modifies the Use or Lose Rule to Allow up to a $500 Carryover! - Read More.
10/18/2013 IRS Notice 2013-54 & ERISA Technical Release 2013-3: Impact on FSAs & HRAs - Read More.
8/19/2013 Great News from Wisconsin OCI for Small Group Health Insurance Plans - Read More.
7/2/2013 PCOR Fee Notice for Health FSAs - Read More.
5/23/2013 PCOR Fee Update Notice - Read More.
2/8/2013 HSA Account Holder Fee Notice - Read More.
11/27/2012 HRAs/FSAs: PCOR & CER DBS Notice - Read More.
9/14/2012 Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - Notice Regarding Availability for Review and Distribution - Read More.
8/31/2012 Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - Read More.
8/24/2012 DBS Files Comments to IRS/Treasury Regarding Modification of the Health FSA "Use-Or-Lose" Rule - Read More.
6/28/2012 Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act - Read More.
5/31/2012 Heath FSAs Not Subject to the $2,500 Limit for Plan Years Beginning Before 2013 - Read More.

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