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ERISA Wrap Documents

Employers with multiple ERISA benefit plans must maintain plan documents for each plan and must also file separate Form 5500s for each plan. This can be expensive, time consuming and confusing.

DBS offers an easy and inexpensive way for employers to “wrap” their plans into an ERISA Wrap document and create a single SPD, which will enable the employer to file all benefits in one Form 5500.

Service Features Include:

  • Document generated in English and Spanish
  • ERISA compliant delivery instructions included
  • Document language constantly updated with ERISA changes
  • Summary of Material Modifications available to communicate plan changes
  • Ability to store compliance documents in the cloud for easy archival and retrieval

How do I get started?

  1. Request a quote using the link below or contact DBS at (800-234-1229) to speak with a Client Services Specialist.
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