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DBS Team

Timothy G. Pederson
President and Founder
Diversified Benefit Services, Inc. (DBS) was established in February of 1987 by Timothy G. Pederson who is also President of the company. Pederson has a strong background in the communication of employee benefits and has designed many account-based benefit plans. He has given numerous presentations to employers, employees and professional associations. Pederson also had the DBS proprietary software administration system known as the Advanced Strategic Administration Program (A.S.A.P. ®) developed over 10 years ago. In addition to being owned by DBS, the software is federally registered and trademarked.

Pederson has also been active legislatively in promoting tax preferred account-based benefit programs with various elected officials and staffers at the Federal and State level. He consistently provides legislative updates and has frequently had guest legislative speakers at the DBS corporate office. He has recognized that ongoing education and communication with elected and regulatory officials and staff is important in preserving and strengthening account-based plans.

Mr. Pederson graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He is a member of ECFC located in Washington D.C. and has served on the ECFC national Legislative Committee and CMS subcommittee.  He has also achieved the ACFC designation for successful completion of the Advanced Certification in Flexible Compensation offered through the Employer’s Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC). Mr. Pederson previously served on the Wisconsin Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems.  He is also a member and past Flexible Compensation instructor at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits (I.F.E.B.) located in Brookfield, WI.


Claudia Hietpas
Director of Operations
Claudia has nearly 40 years of management experience in a variety of leadership roles and she has been a member of the DBS team for 19 years. Claudia’s main objective is to ensure that our people, systems and internal processes facilitate providing DBS clients and their plan participants with exceptional service. Her role is largely to look at the big picture of the organization and ensure that all of the moving parts are functioning as one cohesive, efficient and energized unit. Key areas of focus for Claudia are evaluating company processes for improvement opportunities, placement/development/management of key staff members, human resource management, coordinating of workflow between departments and making sure that DBS maintains a challenging, rewarding and productive work environment that meets the needs of our internal team as well as our external clients and business partners.

Robin Sliga
Claims Manager 
Robin has over 20 years of insurance and operations experience, with 17 of those years in a leadership role.  As Claims Manager her responsibilities include oversight of all activities within the Claims Department and support of ongoing training and development for Claims Specialist staff.  Additionally, she is responsible for analyzing claims processes to identify areas of opportunity and see that the most efficient, effective and accurate practices are in place, as well as collaborating with all areas across the organization to drive overall positive outcomes and experiences for the customer.


Kirsten King
Office Administration Manager
Kirsten joined the DBS team in 2009 and has developed expertise in several different areas of the company. Her responsibilities include managing the client services, administrative, mailroom, and reception teams to ensure the day to day operations are working smoothly in order to meet our client needs.  She also oversees all banking functions and works closely with the team to ensure the highest level of security measures are maintained at all times.


Kim Weber
Customer Service Manager
Kim is the Customer Service Manager at DBS and has over 10 years of Customer Service management experience.  Kim’s main objective is to ensure that our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service to every plan participant. Kim supervises and trains DBS staff members on claims screening and entry as well as call procedures. In addition, Kim’s responsibilities include oversight of all aspects of the Customer Service Department personnel and conducting ongoing training for all department team members.