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DBS FSA Administration

Flexible, tax-free and so easy to use.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are authorized under the IRS code and allow employees to pay for qualifying medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses on a tax-free basis. Eligible employees determine the amount they want to contribute to their Health Care FSA or Dependent Care FSA. The amount chosen by employees is automatically deducted pre-tax (meaning before FICA, federal and state taxes) from each paycheck during the plan year.  The employees are then participants in the FSA and the pre-tax payroll deduction results in employees saving approximately 30% in taxes. Employers save on payroll taxes which helps to offset the cost of FSA administration.

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Why outsource FSA services to DBS?

DBS has nearly 30 years of experience in designing, communicating and administering FSAs and has a proven record of providing exceptional service to clients of all sizes located across the United States. Our knowledgeable customer-focused staff and our commitment to educating employers and employees, combined with our trademarked robust proprietary software allows for the most effective plan administration.

DBS works closely with employers to create an effective plan design that meets their needs and remains in compliance.  A plan is also formulated to educate employees and increase understanding which results in increased participation. Group educational meetings, webinars and effective communication materials such as introductory letters and handouts are just the beginning of what we offer our clients.

DBS FSA Services

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Plan Types

Health Care FSA (HCFSA)
Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA)
Limited Purpose FSA (LPFSA)
Post Deductible FSA (PDFSA)

Design Options

Grace Period
Run-out Period
Dependent Care Spend-down Feature

Enrollment Options

Employer data files
Third-party interface
Paper forms


On-site group meetings
Webinar presentations
Customized, recorded online presentations
Informational handouts/communication materials
Employee benefit fairs

Employer Support

Dedicated Claims Specialist
Responsive Receptionists - no automated systems
Online access to plan and participant information

Participant Support

Well-trained professional Customer Service Representatives
Online access to account information

Online Services

Employer access to reports
Enroll participants
View plan data
View participant information
Participant access to submit claims
Participant access to balance, claims, reimbursement information
Expense Calculators

Claims Submission

Mobile app
Carrier data feed


Direct Deposit

Debit Cards

Option available for various plans


DBS is committed to providing our clients with the most current plan/regulatory information. DBS is a member of the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC). ECFC is the premier trade organization which creates and promotes the most favorable regulatory environment for account based benefit plans. DBS is also a member of the International Foundation on Employee Benefit Plans (IFEB). Through both entities DBS receives regular legislative updates. DBS also receives guidance from legal counsel at DeWitt Ross and Stevens.
When legislative or regulatory changes occur, DBS notifies clients via mailings, email updates and website postings. When warranted, DBS also conducts webinars to update clients. If changes require Plan Document revisions, DBS can complete any appropriate amendments.
DBS performs the annual non-discrimination testing to ensure compliance with IRS regulations. DBS sends the client worksheets that need to be completed in order to properly conduct the tests. Once tests are completed results are communicated to the client.