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Premium Only Plans (POPs)

Making benefit programs more affordable for employees.

Premium Only Plans (POPs) allow for the tax-free payroll deduction of employee contributions for certain group insurance premiums. Group plan premiums for coverages such as medical, dental, vision, accident, term life and disability may qualify. Employee Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions also qualify under a POP.

By using a POP the employee premiums are void of Federal income and FICA taxes as well as State income taxes (most states). Employers also save the matching FICA taxes. DBS POPs are cost-effective and easy to establish.

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Why use DBS POP services?

DBS has almost three decades of experience establishing POPs. While simple to establish, there are requirements to meet. Our well-trained team can assist you with the required documents and materials needed to allow for pre-tax deductions of qualified group insurance premiums.

What does the DBS POP Services Package include?

  • POP plan set-up form and review
  • Plan Document and Summary Plan Description preparation
  • Initial plan design & non-discrimination testing review
  • Sample employee communication packet
  • Updating and maintenance of documents when required due to law changes
  • Incorporation of POP with FSA Cafeteria Plan Document
  • Toll-free customer support number