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DBS HRA Administration

DBS makes HRAs easy to understand and use.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) are employer funded arrangements allowed under the IRS code that provide for the tax-free reimbursement of qualified health care expenses. HRAs are utilized to lower health care expenditures, to provide quality tax-free benefits for active employees and to offer retiree health care benefits. HRAs for active employees need to be integrated with a health care plan and offered to employees eligible for the employer health plan. The qualifying expenses for reimbursement can be for employees, their spouses and dependents. There are also various employers who establish retiree HRAs to provide benefits for retired employees.

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Why outsource HRA administration to DBS?

DBS has over 20 years of experience administering HRAs and has a proven record of providing exceptional service to clients of all sizes located across the United States. Our unique plan design and employee communication process, knowledgeable customer-focused staff combined with our trademarked robust proprietary software allows for the most effective understanding and administration of your plan.

DBS works closely with employers to create an effective plan design that meets their needs and objectives. DBS also creates a communication plan that educates employees and increases their level of understanding of the HRA and helps to make them better healthcare consumers. Group educational meetings, webinars and effective communication materials are several valuable services that we offer our clients.

DBS HRA Services

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Plan Design

DBS’ robust A.S.A.P.® software administration system allows for the establishment of various plan design options as selected by employers. Our team will meet with you to thoroughly review your options, which include:

  • Deductibles, coinsurance, copays, dental and/or vision
  • In-network versus out-of-network choices
  • Integrated versus non-integrated and ACA requirements
  • Reimbursement schedule
  • Payment sequence options that include choices such as:
    • Front-end employee liability followed by HRA reimbursement
    • Front-end HRA reimbursement followed by employee liability
    • Flat amounts and percentages
    • Sandwich or donut-hole HRAs
    • Multiple tier HRAs
    • Percentage “coinsurance type” reimbursements
  • Rollover options
    • Plan eligibility for active employees and/or retirees
    • Flat amounts and percentages
    • Accumulation maximums
  • Claims submission that includes various options for employees such as:
    • Online
    • Phone app
    • Carrier data feed
    • Mail/Fax
  • Reimbursement methods such as:
    • Direct Deposit
    • Check
    • Payment made directly to the provider
  • Debit Cards
    • Option available with certain plan designs
  • Integration with FSA and/or HSA plans
    • HSA compatible HRA designs
    • Claim crossover feature that automatically applies employee HRA expenses to their FSA


Let DBS help you get the most from your health care plan and HRA. One of the most valued functions of our service is educating plan participants on how the HRA works. DBS educational services include:

  • Onsite group meetings
  • Webinar presentations
  • Customized, recorded online presentations
  • Participant instruction sheets
  • Train the trainer sessions
  • Employee benefit fairs

Customer Service

All DBS clients are valued and are assigned a dedicated Claims Specialist to administer the HRA. The Claims Specialist is supported by a team of well-trained professional Customer Service Representatives, working from our office in Hartland, Wisconsin, who answer participant calls.
In addition to our ongoing commitment to cutting edge technology, DBS recognizes the importance of investing in a quality team of professionals who provide a high-level of service to clients and plan participants. Our services are supported by a knowledgeable, experienced customer-focused staff that is well trained on the plans we administer.

Online Services

Employer access to online reports that can be generated anytime at the user’s discretion.

  • Election reports
  • Balance/transaction reports
  • Void reports
  • Contribution reports
  • Reimbursement registers
  • Uniform coverage reports

Enroll participants
Send payroll reports securely
View plan data
View participant information
Participant access to submit claims
Participant access to balance, claims, reimbursement information
Mobile phone apps for Android and IPhone for easy claim submission


HRAs are subject to various regulations and rules. As new regulations are released that impact HRAs, DBS is vigilant with keeping your plan compliant and up-to-date.
Our HRA service includes:

  • Provide legal Plan documents and SPD
  • Service Agreement
  • PCOR fee calculator
  • SBC form generation
  • Updates on legislative and regulatory changes