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HRA Plan Changes

Please be sure you have informed DBS of any changes to your Health Insurance/ HRA Plans for the 2024 plan year. This includes changes to your carrier or deductible levels.

HSA Year End Contributions Deadline

HSA contributions must be submitted to DBS no later than noon (CST) on 12/27/23 in order to be deposited into employee accounts by December 31st. All contributions submitted after the deadline will be deposited into accounts in 2024.

Direct Deposit is the Best Way to Go

If you have employees that still receive paper reimbursement checks, making the switch to secure direct deposit in 2024 makes good sense now more than ever before. You don’t have to worry about checks being delayed or lost in the mail and you will save money by eliminating the postage fees.

Please let DBS know if you are interested in making this switch and we will provide you with direct deposit forms for your employees to complete. You also have the option of securely submitting an excel file with employee banking information that we can input into our system. Most employees have reimbursements issued to the same bank account used for payroll.

Please respond to this email if you are interested in moving to direct deposit for your employees.

Holiday Office Hours

DBS will be closed on the following dates:

Monday, December 25th

Tuesday, December 26th

Monday, January 1st

Happy Holidays!