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The ACA high value plan tax, also known as the Cadillac Tax, is poised to soon be fully repealed.

This afternoon the U.S. Senate passed an appropriations bill that included the full repeal of the ACA Cadillac Tax.  The House passed the measure earlier on Tuesday afternoon.

The White House has indicated that the legislation will be signed by the President.

This is great news for all employers and employees throughout the United States.  DBS and many other organizations have been working on eliminating the Cadillac Tax since it was passed under ACA years ago. 

DBS has worked on this issue for years and sought action on eliminating the tax.  We held numerous meetings with various elected officials including the President, U.S. Senators, U.S. House members, staff members, the White House Domestic Policy Council, the Office of Political Affairs, Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service.  The tax was delayed at various times and was to have gone into effect in 2022.  Finally it appears that it will be fully repealed once the President signs the legislation.

All of us at DBS wanted to provide this important update to you regarding the repeal of the ACA Cadillac Tax.     

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